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Tree roses may be shipped separately from your regular rose order as they require special packing. Remember tree roses are more susceptible to damage during cold weather so they do need some sort of winter protection. Complete growing instructions are included with each order. Our tree roses are shipped bareroot with a wooden stake and sheet of burlap to protect it when planted.

Twofer Tree Roses - Looking for a unique rose tree to use as a focal point in your garden? Look no further than our 36" Twofer™ Tree Roses. Rather than bud a single variety to the head, a combination of two contrasting varieties are grafted together. The result is a mixed bouquet on a single tree! The pairings are selected so that the different varieties are perfectly balanced in flower size, floriferousness, foliage and habit.

(Please note: The color listed in the product detail boxes is the general color and mainly used for searching purposes.)

Due to import restrictions we can no longer ship roses to ID.  Because of high shipping cost we do not ship to AK, HI or outside the continental US.