Common Questions

A: Does Edmunds' Roses Sell GMO Plants? Back To Top

Edmunds’ Roses does NOT sell GMO plants. We offer a range of hybrid and heirloom rose varieties. All the roses we sell were developed through conventional breeding methods and none are genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

A: How do I request a Edmunds' Roses catalog? Back To Top

To request a free catalog by mail, simply fill out our catalog request form. Once you've submitted the form, you will automatically be added to our Fall catalog mailing list. If you have placed an order with Edmunds' Roses within this last season, you will be added to our catalog mailing list as well and there is no need for you to fill our the catalog request form.

Can't wait to read the Edmunds' Roses catalog?

There's no need to wait for the snail mail version of the catalog. Go virtual! We offer the complete Spring 2019 Edmunds' Roses catalog online. To access the online version, please Click Here.

A: Where can I get extra order forms? Back To Top

If you prefer to mail your order, and need an order form, we have provided PDF files of the front and back of our order form for your convenience. Please click on the links below to access the order form.

2019 Order Form

A: Why are there shipping restrictions for my state? Back To Top

Federal and state statutes impose restrictions on the shipment of nursery and greenhouse stock in an effort to minimize the spread of harmful insects, diseases, and other pests. Below are is a general outline of the states with restrictions and the specific products that are restricted.

AK and HI: No shipments of plant material or supplies.
AZ and CA: No shipments of bulbs or live plants.
ID:  No shipments of nursery stock.
PUERTO RICO, CANADA and foreign countries: No shipments of any kind.

*Please check with your local Cooperative Extension Office or Dept. of Agriculture for specific restrictions in your area.

A: When will my plants arrive? Back To Top

Live plants, bulbs, shrubs and trees are shipped at the best time for planting in your area. Please click here to see a chart of approximate shipping times.

A: How do I track my shipped packages? Back To Top

We will email you when your order has shipped as long as you provided a valid email address when placing your order. The shipping confirmation email will contain a shipment tracking number. Please use this number to track the package. 

I didn't receive my shipping confirmation email.

Sometimes shipping confirmation emails get "stuck" in people's junk or spam folders. Please check both of these folders to see if the shipping confirmation email is located there. If you do not receive a shipping confirmation email, please call our toll-free customer service line, 888-481-7673, and our customer service staff will provide you the tracking information.

A: What is Edmunds' Roses Company's refund policy? Back To Top

We deliver dormant, top-grade, true-to-name roses. We guarantee that our roses will grow and bloom the first season provided our recommended planting instructions included with every order are followed. Any rose purchased that fails to grow will be replaced or a credit voucher issued for the purchase price, one time, provided that we are notified by August 1 of the first growing season. Sale items will be issued a credit voucher for the purchase price.


Non-plant products are satisfaction guaranteed. If not fully satisfied, the product may be returned for a replacement or refund.


Shipping charges are not refundable.


Although every precaution is taken to ensure accuracy, errors in price, quantity and/or specifications may occur. We reserve the right to correct any typographical errors.

A: How do I sign up my organization to be tax exempt? Back To Top

If you would like to file a form and receive Tax-Exempt status, please print the form Resale/Tax Exemption Certificate and fax it to 888.481.7673. Please provide your email address that you are registered with so that we may connect the form with your account. You must be registered on the website and use Account checkout in order to not be charged sales tax.

A: What are the payment methods you accept? Back To Top

We accept Visa, Discover, Mastercard, American Express credit cards and Paypal for all types of orders. We accept checks and money orders for mail orders.

A: Do you charge sales tax? Back To Top

As required by law, we do charge sales tax on all Wisconsin orders. Wisconsin orders add 5% sales tax plus applicable sales tax for your county.

A: Can I change my order? Back To Top

We process our orders very quickly so we may not be able to modify an existing order. However, if you do need to change an order, please contact us as soon as possible and we will try to accommodate the request. Our customer service department can be reached 888-481-7673 at or click here to fill out our online customer service form.

A: What does "backordered" mean? Back To Top

A product labeled "backordered" means the item is not currently available or the item is available but not currently ready to ship. Click here to find out when products are ready to ship for your region. If you have any additional questions regarding the availability of a backordered item, please contact customer service at 888-481-7673 or click here to fill out our online customer service form. 

A: What is a Care Level? Back To Top

When looking at the details of our products some of the items will have a Care Level. This is an indicator of the difficulty that a gardener might have when growing and caring for that particular item. Here is a description of what each Care Level mean:

1 = Easy - these items are the easiest crops to grow. They are typically quick to mature and need little care.

2 = Moderately Easy - these items are generally easy, but a bit more demanding or longer in crop time than 1s.

3 = Normal - these items include the bulk of plants transplanted to the garden as dormant bare root or potted plants.

4 = Somewhat Difficult - these items have certain needs or requirements that must be met to have success with them. These may include specific soil requirements, regular pruning at the proper time of year, or preventative spraying for pest and disease control. Roses are generally category level 4.

5 = Difficult - these items can be challenging to grow, as they have very specific site requirements or environmental needs that must be met in order for them to grow well.