Mister Lincoln Hybrid Tea Rose

Mister Lincoln Hybrid Tea Rose

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4.0 (2 reviews)
For more than a generation this dark red rose is the one that was the yardstick that all new introductions would eventually be measured against. A tall, robust plant produces a myriad of richly perfumed deep crimson blooms that regularly appear on show tables where springs are short and warm. Blossoms tend to move toward blue as they mature. It certainly belongs in the top ten all time favorites, particularly here in the United States. Reasonably hardy. Flower Size: 5-7". Fragrance: Very strong. Hybridizer: Swim & Weeks, 1965.
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Product Details

: 5 to 9
: 19
: Spring
: Rich, well-drained
: 5-5-7
: Summer
: 35
: Summer
: 3 -
: Yes
: 2 year, #1 grade
: Yes

Physical Details

Height: 60 to 84
: Yes
: Green
: Red
: Yes
: 24 to 36
: Yes
: Yes
: Late fall and early spring
: Determinate
: Hybrid

Scientific Details

: Rosa
: hybrida

Shipping Details

: AK, HI, ID
Product Reviews
4.0 (2 reviews)
  • By jill b
    From West Newbury, MA
    Mister Lincoln is hands down our favorite rose of all time. We have had one for 12 years and it is still producing beautiful long stem roses, albeit not as many. We continuously add and replace them in our new and existing gardens. Unfortunately this batch from Edmunds didn't do well, only 1 out of 4 survived from original shipment and I didn't receive any response from them. I cant plant immediately due to weather although take great care of them upon arrival and all other Weeks roses did well (some here some from others). I ordered more and again it was 50/50. I know this is a great rose, although I cant say I will be ordering more of these from Edmunds. Quality is inconsistent on this product and no customer response when contacted for replacements only. I would have accepted different roses if needed.
    * Admin Notes added 5/9/2016 8:13:38 AM:
    We are sorry for the problems you had with this product. Please contact our customer service department for help receiving a credit or replacements.
  • By Stan V. Griep - Consulting Rosarian
    From Loveland, CO
    The fragrance of this rose is outstanding. Does tend to get some Powdery Mildew but that is easily kept at bay by spraying the rosebush with Green Cure every 10 to 14 days at the Cure Rate. Tall rosebush with large red bloom smiles. Very Hardy in our cold climate.