Tineke Hybrid Tea Rose

Tineke Hybrid Tea Rose

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5.0 (1 review)
(aka: Ines) It is such a joy to walk out and cut these huge, crystal white flowers and put them in an arrangement. It holds wonderfully in a vase or on the plant. Originally introduced in the cut flower industry, this is one of the best garden whites to come along in a long time. Completely resistant to spotting from rain or dew. It has great, dark green, matte foliage and no disease. It has won its share of trophies for exhibitors all around the country. A warm climate rose recommended for Zone 7 or higher. Flower Size: 4-6". Fragrance: None. Hybridizer: Select Roses B.V., 1990.
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Product Details

: 7 to 10
: 26
: Spring
: Rich, well-drained
: 5-5-7
: Summer
: 50
: Summer
: 3 -
: 2 year, #1 grade
: Yes

Physical Details

Height: 60
: Yes
: Dark Green
: White
: Yes
: 24 to 36
: Yes
: Yes
: Late fall and early spring
: Determinate
: Hybrid

Resistance Details

: Yes

Scientific Details

: Rosa
: hybrida

Shipping Details

: AK, HI, ID
Product Reviews
5.0 (1 review)
  • By moncia d
    From Lansdale, PA
    Tineke is my most cherish white rose amoung my garden of 88. Its huge size flowers,beautiful stark white color and upright growth form would make you believe this rose is very delicate, but it is not. This rose blooms best in all conditons, heat, rain,and cooler fall temps, I had blooms in late november. Highly disease resistant. I love it so much i purchased another from Edmunds for this season. It has beautiful dark green foliage and thick arching canes. Last in a vase and on the vine. Not scented,but the beauty makes up for it.