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3.3 (3 reviews)
(Var: JACclam) This All America Rose Selection winner is not only extremely floriferous, but is also fast-growing and quite vigorous. The enormous, heavily-petaled, coral-pink blossoms of this popular climber perfume the air with an intoxicating, spicy scent that lingers in the air for days. This plant is a treat for all the senses and will make a welcome addition to any home garden or landscape. Blooms on old and new wood. Hardy to Zone 4. Flower size: 3-1/2". Fragrance: Strong, spicy. Hybridizer: Warriner, 1976.
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Product Details

: 4 to 9
: 35
: Spring
: Rich, well-drained
: 5-5-7
: 40
: Summer
: 3 -
: Yes
: 2 year, #1 grade
: Yes

Physical Details

Height: 120 to 144
: Yes
: Green
: Coral-pink
: 36 to 48
: Yes
: Yes
: Late fall and early spring
: Determinate
: Hybrid

Scientific Details

: Rosa
: hybrida
: JACclam

Shipping Details

: AK, HI, ID
Product Reviews
3.3 (3 reviews)
  • By maria d
    From Bastrop, TX
    I received a large, well grown, dormant plant, a week ago. I soaked it overnight and planted it. This climber is currently sporting strong, 3
    * New notes added 4/25/2016 12:52:55 PM:
    Ordered 2/23/16, Shipped 2/29/16, Received 3/4/16
    Planted this dormant bare root climber after an overnight soak. Two weeks past and the plant had 3" shoots. Today is 4/25/16. I have my first beautiful bloom in 5 weeks time (counted 6 more buds). The coral coloring is so bright it looks as though it were lit from within. Smells nice, too. Maria: Zone 8b, Bastrop TX, near Austin.
  • By Sally W
    From Los Angeles, CA
    I thought the name implied it would grow quickly but my Eden climber doing far better and growing faster. No roses yet, hope to come back and rate. It's a slow grower in my garden so will see when it blooms.